Classes | Week One

Happy Thursday! Having just successfully completed my first academic week here in Firenze, I figured it was a good time to tell you about what I’ll be studying over the next few months.

Italian 201

All SUF students are required to study Italian during their semesters abroad, and each Italian course (plus its “Italian experience” add-on) counts for two classes’ worth of credits. This course will add to my previous two semesters of the language. Though I predict that it will be my most challenging course (it’s being taught in Italian!) I also think it will be enormously beneficial. After just one week, I’ve noticed improvements in my ability to speak with Italian strangers and my host family. It’s a small class – five students – so the learning process will be very personalized. And, there are lots of fun activities on the syllabus, including city visits, meetings with local artists, and meetings with Italian university students.

Classical Mythology

What better place is there to study classical mythology than in a city filled with references to it? Everywhere we look (whether in the US or here in Europe) there are references to classical mythology. Now, I’ll be able to understand them. I also feel that this class will be particularly interesting to me as a storyteller/writer.  After all, myths are stories that have survived the test of thousands and thousands of years. The class will focus specifically on Greek mythology, and I intend to plan a weekend trip to Greece toward the end of the semester to see the places where these stories happened.

History of Witchcraft

Anyone who knows me at all knows how excited I am for this class. Folklore and magic?  Questionable spirits? History, theories and art, with a little bit of theology on the side? Sign me up!

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